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I have had the pleasure of editing articles, manuscripts, book chapters, and textbooks for many wonderful authors.  The following are some comments from a few of them.

Karen and I worked on several writing projects over a five-year period.  She is an outstanding copyeditor and proofreader.  On multiple occasions, Karen assisted me with editing my scholarship and/or critical law school communications to clearly frame the concepts I sought to convey.  She always exhibited a keen attention to detail and a conscientious demeanor.  She is a consummate professional and skilled editor that I would eagerly hire for future editing projects.

Beyond her skills as a copyeditor and proofreader, Karen demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and earned the admiration and respect of both students and faculty. Always displaying a positive attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile, Karen has a talent for presenting to a multitude of people the best strategies to improve their writing and publication opportunities in diverse fields of law. She handles stressful publication deadlines and demands in a calm and methodical manner and knows instinctively when students or faculty need a little extra encouragement. 

Derrick Howard

Professor of Practice

Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Students 

Emory University School of Law

Ms. Koelemeyer was instrumental in improving the quality of my scholarship.  The reality is that I learned a great deal about being a better writer from her editing.  She is the “queen of consistency”—and I know that law review editors appreciated the clean footnote citations that resulted from her work.

Rebecca Huss, Professor Emerita, 

Valparaiso University Law School

Karen Koelemeyer has been my secretary since she arrived at Valpo Law School in 1994, and I have personally observed her skills for the past twenty-four years.  She has been responsible for transcribing (I still use dictation) and copyediting over twenty law review articles for me.  She is meticulous in editing and proofreading manuscripts.  She catches spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, and she knows legal terminology and proper citation form.  She is very responsible and trustworthy.  You can rely on her to ensure your work is flawless.

Rosalie B. Levinson

Professor Emerita

Valparaiso University School of Law

I’ve worked with many law review editors, research assistants, administrative assistants, and legal assistants during my career, but none of them have come close to matching Karen’s mastery of language and careful eye for editing.  I became a better writer because of her careful edits. I have never seen a mistake slip through her editing job.  Because she is attuned to legal writing, she efficiently edits a piece in a way that adds clarity and strength to its argument.  I will definitely use Karen’s services again in the future. 

Natalie Banta Lynner

Professor of Law

Drake University Law School

After years of teaching at the Valparaiso University Law School, I have come to rely on Karen Koelemeyer's superb editorial skills.  I never send anything out for publication without first asking Karen to look it over.  Her knowledge of citation styles is unsurpassed in my experience, but I also trust her to catch my typos, identify sentences that lack clarity, and correct my occasional diction errors.  After decades of experience editing legal documents, Karen is not intimidated by scholarly prose or by legal jargon, but she remains respectful of the voice and the dignity of the people whose work she edits, and is always gentle in delivering her corrections.  With the closing of our law school, I am moving to a new position, but I expect that I will continue to avail myself of Karen's services, and I will recommend her to my new colleagues.

D. A. Jeremy Telman

Professor of Law

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